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Cannabis Industry: 
Multi-State Operators

Cannabis operations across multiple states can trust Everon™ to deliver not only a comprehensive range of security, fire, and life safety solutions, but also the regulatory expertise that’s crucial for maintaining compliant operations across jurisdictions.

A Growing Industry. A Complex Environment.

The rapid advancement of cannabis legalization has created significant entrepreneurial opportunity in multiple states. Leaders in the industry have been able to capture revenue through both lateral growth and vertical integration. But growth can make operational efficiency even more important, and when operations extend across multiple regulatory jurisdictions, compliance challenges can multiply. Everon can provide cannabis industry expertise, regulatory insight, and a National Account program that streamlines support with a single point of contact.

Solutions for Leaders Across the Cannabis Supply Chain

Multi-state and multi-jurisdiction operators in the cannabis industry frequently operate across the supply chain, with vertically integrated operations that can include cultivation, grow operations, and nurseries as well as wholesale distribution centers and even customer-facing operations such as dispensaries, retailers, consumption lounges, and other venues. And even operators who specialize in a particular part of the supply chain, such as extraction and manufacturing, testing, or commercial kitchens for preparing edibles, may operate in multiple jurisdictions and geographies. Everon’s national footprint, 24/7/365 monitoring, and streamlined installation, service, support, and billing can deliver safety and efficiency, whatever your scale.

Protecting Your License to Operate

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The cannabis industry risk profile is significant, wide-ranging, and constantly changing. Threats can include employee and customer theft, fire and life safety risks, explosions and gas leaks during production, inventory loss, burglary, trespassing, workplace violence, and more—and regulations require mitigation of these risks for you to operate. Everon offers deep regulatory insight and comprehensive risk management, everywhere you operate.

Fire and Life Safety
Integrated fire, fire suppression, and heat and gas detection systems support OSHA compliance and employee safety standards and can help minimize asset and inventory losses in emergencies.

Alarm and Video Systems
Intrusion detection and video surveillance systems can deter burglary attempts, while 24/7/365 video monitoring can record essential evidence. Our video systems can also satisfy regulatory requirements for video recording and storage.

Cash Handling
Cash handling solutions such as ATMs and ITMs can streamline retail transactions, while UL Certified vaults and safes help protect profits.

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National Account Program

The Everon National Account program is specifically designed for multi-site operations spread across diverse geographies. In combination with our dedicated cannabis team, National Accounts  can ensure up-to-date compliance with regulatory requirements, and offers a single point of contact, dedicated teams, and streamlined processes across your multi-state operations.

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Different stages in the cannabis supply chain require different security, fire, and life safety solutions, and regulations in different jurisdictions mandate those solutions with different parameters and at different scales. Everon can design, deploy, and manage the solutions you need, in any jurisdiction and at any scale.

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Security Solutions

Everon offers solutions suited to cultivation facilities, distribution centers, dispensaries, labs, and more.

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Fire and Life Safety

Fire alarms, fire suppression, and heat and gas detection systems are essential—particularly in growth and cultivation and warehouse facilities.

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Monitoring Services

Our national monitoring infrastructure helps to ensure trained personnel are monitoring your facilities and ready to dispatch emergency response.

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Whether you need comprehensive solutions for newly built facilities, or need to upgrade or add on to existing security, fire, and life safety systems, experienced Everon consultants can partner with you to address your security and life safety needs.