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Acute and Long-Term Care Facilities

We design and implement innovative healthcare security and communications solutions for acute and long-term care facilities.

Qualified Expertise for Medical Facilities

While there are many solutions that work for both acute and long-term medical facilities, our experts understand the intricacies of each approach and know what it takes to ensure the safety and well-being of patients, residents, and staff. For acute care facilities, we can help enhance physical security, emergency preparedness, patient identification measures, information security for sensitive data, and protection of medical equipment. For long-term care facilities, we can help implement reliable access control, prevention of wandering or elopement through monitoring systems, secure medication management, emergency communication systems, and effective visitor management policies.

Helping Prepare for Accreditation 

Our dedicated team of security and fire professionals has decades of experience interpreting the Joint Commission accreditation program standards and criteria. We can help you navigate the extensive requirements for testing, inspections, maintenance, and documentation of your security, fire, and life safety systems. All required compliance documentation and reporting is cataloged in a binder format that’s customized to your organization, easily accessed electronically, and integrated with BuildingReports™.

Tailored Solutions for Long-Term Healthcare Facilities

Everon™ is your one ideal partner to help you meet your security technology needs.

Everon experts can help you install integrated systems that aim to streamline patient care and keep your facilities as safe and secure as possible. Everon’s long-term care solutions provide:

  • Audio and video analytics
  • Digital patient care boards
  • Fall prevention, alarm management, and reporting
  • Nurse call
  • Mobile communications 

We can help safeguard your residents and patients with a reliable and flexible wander management system that alerts caregivers and secures egress points, stairways, and elevators. Our systems can still offer freedom of movement, while protecting memory care, Alzheimer’s, or dementia residents with secure wander management systems.

Help improve patient care, optimize operational efficiency, enhance safety, and reduce costs with RTLS that include:

  • Automated and real-time staff and asset tracking
  • Contact tracing
  • Clinical workflow integration
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Hand hygiene compliance

Increase HCAHPS scoring through virtual solutions that can enhance patient care and satisfaction. Our virtual patient observation and telehealth solutions include: 

  • E-sitters
  • Fall management solutions
  • Family visitation
  • Remote patient observation
  • Virtual rounding consultation

High Patient Turnover

Hospitals and other acute care facilities have a high volume of patients with shorter stays, and security measures need to accommodate this constant influx and outflow of facility occupants. Everon can help make sure everyone in your facilities is accounted for with a comprehensive suite of reliable solutions, such as access control, wander management, RTLS, visitor management, video monitoring, and more.

Critical and Time-Sensitive Procedures

Everon can help ensure uninterrupted clinical workflow in critical areas, including operating rooms and emergency departments. Let our healthcare security experts help implement nurse call, emergency call, and paging and intercom systems, and more to ensure nothing gets in the way of surgeries and emergency interventions.

High-Stress Environments

Due to the urgency of medical situations, acute care facilities can be extremely high-stress environments for both staff and patients. Emergency response systems and staff training should be tailored to manage heightened stress levels during situations. We can help install systems that address worker safety and duress, as well as visitor management solutions that help keep stressful situations from escalating.

Greater Diversity of Security Threats

Acute care facilities may face a broader range of security threats than long-term care facilities, including potential violence related to medical conditions, disputes, or emotional distress. Let Everon’s highly qualified experts help implement security measures that adapt to your specific needs and the ever-evolving list of potential threats in acute care settings.

Medical Equipment Hazards

Specialized medical equipment, such as MRI machines, electrical devices, and oxygen delivery systems, pose a serious fire risk for acute care facilities. We can help provide proper maintenance, monitoring, and emergency response systems to help mitigate risks to your facility.

Evacuation Challenges

The high number of patients, staff, and visitors in acute care facilities can complicate evacuation during emergencies. Everon’s fire safety professionals can help implement comprehensive evacuation procedures, emergency communication systems, and fire prevention systems that protect occupants and account for the mobility and health conditions of patients. 

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Connect with an Expert

Whether you need comprehensive solutions for newly built facilities, or need to upgrade or add on to existing security, fire, and life safety systems, experienced Everon consultants can partner with you to address your security and life safety needs.