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We help you protect your brand reputation and guest safety in hotels, resorts, and casinos with custom, enterprise-level solutions.

Experience Keeps Us One Step Ahead

Whether you’re welcoming patrons at a hotel, resort, venue, or casino, the safety and security of your guests is the top priority. Our full suite of security, fire, and life safety solutions help keep your guests safe throughout every moment of their stay—and your employees safe during every shift. Everon’s experienced security professionals can help you build custom solutions to protect your establishment with the scale and expertise to meet your specific needs, so you can focus on what’s most important—serving your guests.

Purpose-Built Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

With years of hands-on knowledge in the security, fire, and life safety industry, we have worked with thousands of hotels and resorts to help manage their risks. We partner with you every step of the way to assist with design, installation, monitoring, testing, and maintaining the system that will help protect your business, all while enhancing operations and helping reduce costs. Our comprehensive list of security, fire, and life safety solutions for hotels and casinos includes:

Fire Alarms 

An efficient and effective fire alarm system is a critical component of any commercial building, not only for compliance with codes and regulations, but to protect the health and safety of your employees, your guests, and your business.

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Fire Detection 

Reliable detection and environmental monitoring systems are not only crucial to protecting your people and mitigating the risk of fires, explosions, and other disasters—they can also help you optimize the health and safety of your facilities.

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24/7/365 Professional Monitoring 

Our monitoring centers help secure your business with around-the-clock, professional protection. We use automated signal load balancing and backup architecture to help ensure that every critical intrusion, fire, and life safety alarm from your organization receives a timely response, even during inclement weather or other major emergencies.

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Fire Hoods, Extinguishers, and Sprinklers 

Beyond essential detection and alarm systems, a fire suppression system helps contain fires and prevent them from spreading, minimizing damage and giving personnel critical time to evacuate the building and emergency responders time to act.

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Emergency Communications

In the event of an emergency, the safety of your people and the security of your assets depends on several channels of communication functioning properly. Emergency responders need to be able to communicate with each other—from both inside and outside of your facility—even in dead zones and hard-to-reach areas. Building occupants who are unable to evacuate must be able to safely reach an area of refuge and call for help through two-way communication with emergency responders.

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Work with Everon™ security professionals to build comprehensive security systems based on proven, reliable technology. We can help you design customizable solutions that let you easily expand and enhance your protection—so your systems can scale as your security needs evolve.

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Access Control

From helping to reduce incidents of theft and violence to limiting access to sensitive areas and materials, effective access control at all facility entry points can help mitigate risk and maintain the overall security of your organization.

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Video Surveillance

Video surveillance not only helps add another layer of protection for your business, but also helps control costs. Our advanced video solutions can also be integrated with other technologies, including intrusion detection systems and access control systems, to deliver a holistic approach to securing your business while keeping you within budget and letting you focus on critical business operations.

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National Presence to Meet the Needs of Hotels, Resorts, and Casinos Across the United States

Whether you’re a small hotel or national chain, your establishment faces unique risks that require personalized solutions. Our experts work directly with you from local branches throughout the United States to ensure your guests are protected. We can help lodging and entertainment facilities control the flow of visitors, secure valuables from theft, respond in the event of an emergency, and more. Our security specialists can integrate enterprise-level security, fire, and life safety systems to help avoid risk and liability, meet insurance requirements, and save money through top-tier solutions.

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Whether you need comprehensive solutions for newly built facilities, or need to upgrade or add on to existing security, fire, and life safety systems, experienced Everon consultants can partner with you to address your security and life safety needs.