A technician installs a security camera on the exterior wall of a building

System Installation, Service, and Maintenance

Everon™ can professionally install your security, fire, and life safety systems, conduct on-site or remote service calls when needed, and can be ready to assist you with ongoing maintenance to help ensure your system is running smoothly.

Security, Fire, and Life Safety System Installation Process

We know your time is valuable, so we focus on providing an efficient, streamlined installation process. We strive to understand and address your priorities and can install your systems with little to no interruption to your business operations.

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Our Process

During the installation process, we can keep you informed on the progress we’re making. We follow the design documents closely, and if we encounter an obstacle or anomaly during installation, we can work with you to correct it as soon as possible. In case you are busy during the scheduled installation time, our Tech TrackerSM notification service can let you know who is going to be there, and when.

Code Compliance

Laws and regulations have become increasingly complex for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We aim to help ensure that your systems adhere to all proper codes, laws, and industry standards. Then we can provide you with the necessary documentation to help prove compliance.

Certified Professionals

Our installation team is made up of professionals who strive to work with a minimum amount of disruption to you and your business. Both before and during your installation, our goal is to ensure your business can operate as usual. The average tenure of our service technicians is more than nine years, so you can rest assured your installer is an experienced professional, knowledgeable, and more than qualified for the job.

Remote Support Services

Rely on Everon Remote Support Services to help your advanced security systems run as smoothly as possible. Our team of experts can manage a wide range of system needs, like preventative maintenance, general system adjustments, specialized system training, and reporting support.

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Benefits of Remote Support

  • Save time by resolving system issues remotely without an on-site service call
  • Reduce unexpected expenses with pre-budgeted support services
  • Solve system issues quickly with streamlined technical support available anywhere within 15 minutes and 24 hours, based on impact to your operations
  • Rely on 24/7/365 after-hours support with Advanced and Premium plans
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Trusted Experts at Your Service

Our trained, certified, and trusted experts with decades of security industry experience are passionate about providing customer service excellence, 24/7/365.

  • Lenel Master Certified
  • Honeywell Pro-Watch® Certified
  • SoftwareHouse Certified
  • Genetec – Omnicast™ Technical Certification
  • Genetec – Synergis™ Technical Certification
  • Milestone XProtect® Certification
  • Bosch Expert Certification
  • Hanwha Wisenet Professional Certification

On-Site Service Tech Tracker Notifications

Our unique Tech Tracker notification system is designed to let you know who is going to be at your facility, and when. We send service alerts, and as an added layer of support, we can send an email when you’re next in line for a service call. Let us help you be prepared to guide your technician to the source of the problem, and you won’t waste time waiting around for them.

An engineer wearing a safety vest and hardhat consults a tablet computer outside a modern office building

Prior to your service call, simply identify one person in charge at your location, and we’ll send service alerts that include:

  • The date of the service call
  • The time the technician will arrive
  • The technician’s name
  • The technician's qualifications and certifications
  • A picture of your technician

Ongoing System Maintenance and Extended Service Plans

Address minor problems before they can cause major disruptions with ongoing maintenance. Everon’s Extended Service Plan (ESP) is available to help cover necessary costs to resolve qualifying system issues. Under an Extended Service Plan, Everon can perform maintenance and repairs to covered equipment from normal wear and tear. Options include parts-only coverage, labor-only coverage, or both to fit your business’s needs and avoid unexpected, surprise expenses.

Safety engineers test and inspect fire suppression systems in a commercial building

Everon Customer Engagement Platform

Everon’s intuitive customer engagement platform provides immediate, user-friendly access to your security system and account information with a new user interface and enhanced dashboards. Coordinate installation, service, and inspections online at your convenience, without interacting with service representatives on the phone.

  • Submit service requests online
  • View service history and technician resolution notes
  • View real-time service call status
  • Manage service and installation work*
  • View service, installation, and inspection reports

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* Some services may require additional charges.

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We Are Here to Help You Maximize the Performance of Your Systems

Let our security, fire, and life safety experts work with you to help configure and maintain the most efficient and effective solution for your business. Consider us your partners in performance and take advantage of our consistent services and support. 

A technician installs a security camera on the exterior wall of a building

Integrated Security Solutions

Consolidate your vendors, reduce total cost of ownership, increase productivity, and enhance the safety and security of your business with a custom, enterprise-class integrated solution from an industry leader with decades of experience.

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Service and Support

Everon has the qualified engineers and technicians you need to help design and install, test and inspect, and manage and maintain your integrated, complex security, fire, and life safety systems.

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Everon Managed Solutions

Our sophisticated managed service programs can deliver automated system health reporting, remote troubleshooting, and timely customer support to help manage your safety and security programs—24/7/365.

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Whether you need comprehensive solutions for newly built facilities, or need to upgrade or add on to existing security, fire, and life safety systems, experienced Everon consultants can partner with you to address your security and life safety needs.