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Technology is transforming security, fire protection, and life safety. Everon™ is at the leading edge of the industry, and our dedication to innovation is driving us forward. 

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The Future of Protection

From advancements in security technology to intelligent robotics, AI-powered image analysis, and more, Everon is helping define the future of the industry. Our work is purposeful and practical, informed by our experience, the needs of our commercial customers, and a visionary approach to new and emerging technology.

A Collaborative Approach

Innovation at Everon is fueled by customer feedback and responds to a landscape of constantly evolving needs and challenges. Through a meticulous analysis of current best practices and their effectiveness in the face of an ever-changing risk environment, we aim to revolutionize existing solutions and develop new ones to anticipate future needs. Our work at the Innovation Lab allows us to take chances in a controlled setting, exploring the trending technologies and potential new solutions that could be at the core of the next generation of security. Today, these range from AI-based solutions, robotics, and machine learning to augmented reality (AR) and custom data analytics.

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Innovation Lab
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The work in our Innovation Lab is driven by daily collaboration between innovation partners, engineers, and project managers. The groundbreaking work at the Innovation Lab is entirely focused on being on the cutting edge of the industry—it’s about innovating with a purpose, innovating with integrity, and innovating not just for the here-and-now, but for the future of commercial security. 

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Visit the Everon Solutions Showcase at our Everon HQ in Dallas, Texas, where you can see the latest technologies from more than a dozen security, fire, and life safety manufacturers. By bringing together the most innovative solutions, you can learn about new, more responsive, and intuitive ways to protect your people and facilities. 

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Technology Field Testing

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Many solutions developed in the Everon Innovation Lab undergo rigorous, collaborative field testing with select pilot partners—representing a wide variety of commercial facilities, business types, and verticals—before we go to market. This testing process gives us the opportunity to learn directly from end users through a constant feedback loop that gives you the ability to influence product development. Our customers’ critical recommendations help ensure that our innovations best meet your needs and bring the most value to your commercial operations.

Innovation Insights

Case Studies

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* EvoGuard products are currently in development and may change, evolve, or be removed prior to sale. EvoGuard products are intended for indoor commercial use only and are not available for deployment in all types of facilities. Robotics solutions may require third-party virtual reality hardware, software, and related accounts. Please refer to product documentation and manufacturers’ end-user license agreements at the time of commercialization for a full list of product features, capabilities, and system requirements and limitations.

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Whether you need comprehensive solutions for newly built facilities, or need to upgrade or add on to existing security, fire, and life safety systems, experienced Everon consultants can partner with you to address your security and life safety needs.