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Commercial Security Systems

Everon™ has your complex business covered—from deterring intruders and helping to ensure you have comprehensive video surveillance coverage to making sure only authorized employees gain access throughout your facility, and everything in between. We’re here to help protect your people, property, and assets and meet your security objectives.

Complex Comprehensive Security for Your Organization

Protecting businesses from all angles requires security solutions and technologies that evolve to address ever-changing threats. Our team of security experts understands the unique challenges that come with protecting your business, and can leverage our decades of industry experience to help build solutions and systems addressing the risks you face daily.


Everon can provide advanced intrusion detection alarms, video surveillance solutions, access control systems, specialized solutions, and more to help you build the comprehensive, integrated security program you need. Identifying and verifying the presence of intruders, critically controlling who accesses your facility, and documenting on-site events are all essential elements of an integrated security program.

Security Solutions

Intrusion Detection Alarms
  • Intrusion Detection Alarms
  • Video Solutions
  • Access Control
  • Specialized Solutions
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Work with us to select, design, install, monitor, and service intrusion alarms that can help secure your buildings and deter break-ins, unauthorized access, theft, and vandalism. Intrusion detection solutions and monitoring services provided by Everon can give you peace of mind so you know your facilities are protected around the clock. We can offer perimeter protection systems designed to meet your security objectives, using the latest burglar alarm technology—all linked to our dedicated UL Listed monitoring centers that can provide uninterrupted monitoring and emergency dispatch when needed, 24/7.

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Whether you need a complex, enterprise-level solution with hundreds of cameras or a remote video surveillance camera system to help secure a satellite location, we have the technical expertise and solutions to serve your specific needs and can provide you with a scalable system that can flex with your business and respond as threats evolve. Our teams can help you select complex video technologies to help deter unwanted behaviors like theft and vandalism while ensuring you gather visual documentation to be used as evidence during security events and investigations. Additional video monitoring solutions and analytics allow you to leverage your camera system for advanced business benefits and improved employee safety.

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Identify and manage individuals’ movements throughout your facilities, ensuring that people can only gain access to authorized areas of your building. By allowing only approved personnel or visitors to gain access to sensitive areas, we can help you build layers of protection and can provide a trusted security solution to help secure your employees, assets, inventory, and other high-value items. Access control systems also provide an audit trail of movement, which can act as documentation and evidence in an investigation. Plus, our managed access control services can provide support for your hosted, traditional, and cloud-based access control, credentialing, and database management.

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Everon employs talented industry veterans with decades of hands-on experience who provide specialized protection for businesses with specialized needs. From protecting monetary assets with a full suite of ATM/ITM security products to securing retail entrances with electronic article surveillance (EAS) and security gates, our industry experts recommend integrated solutions that address the unique challenges associated with protecting your facilities to help to reduce risk, minimize loss, and streamline business operations.

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Large-Scale System Integration

Everon commercial security experts can work with you to develop an integrated security solution, aligned to the size and complexity of your business, to help safeguard your employees, facilities, and investments while reducing interruptions to your operations. 

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Comprehensive System Support

Our complex, enterprise-level system integration capabilities include support and implementation of top access, video, intrusion, fire, and visitor management technologies, including: LenelS2, Genetec, Software House, Axis, Hanwha, OpenEye, Bosch, DMP, AMAG, Motorola Solutions, Milestone, American Dynamics, Brivo, Eagle Eye, Edwards, Honeywell, Amberbox, Shooter Detection Systems, Evolv, LVT, and more.

Dedicated Integration Team

Everon system integration experts have decades of experience and understand the intricacies of complex enterprise systems. We can provide detailed design and engineering capabilities, advanced integration of security and fire systems, software and server planning and implementation, remote managed services and technical support, and cross-discipline project management.

Seamless Integration Project Management

You can rely on us to provide a single point of contact with consistent, proactive communication through every step of your project and customer service excellence, including accurate estimates, timely installations, and transparent costs. Our comprehensive approach starts with understanding your strategic challenges, allowing us to recommend custom solutions that help minimize risk to your organization. 

Security Monitoring Solutions

We help secure your business with around-the-clock, professional monitoring that leverages redundant technology to help ensure that your organization’s critical intrusion, fire, and life safety alarms receive a response and dispatch to the site when needed.

  • Our state-of-the-art, 24/7 monitoring centers are UL Certified and FM Approved to provide alarm monitoring, service dispatching, technical assistance, and support services for your commercial sites.
  • Everon supports critical systems, including burglar alarm monitoring and response, commercial fire and sprinkler monitoring, and environmental and temperature monitoring.
  • Our video monitoring services help make the most of your camera investment by leveraging your camera surveillance feeds to provide enhanced employee and facility protection—and to help audit and improve business processes.
  • We give you data access, reporting, and analytics tools so you can use the data we collect to help improve your security programs and lower costs. 

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Connect with an Expert

Whether you need comprehensive solutions for newly built facilities, or need to upgrade or add on to existing security, fire, and life safety systems, experienced Everon consultants can partner with you to address your security and life safety needs.