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Energy and Utilities

Energy industry facilities have unique vulnerabilities and specialized needs for security, fire, and life safety solutions and services. Everon™ has well-established experience providing solutions to meet the complex safety needs and regulatory requirements of energy and utilities facilities.

Critical Infrastructure. Complex Risks.

Facilities in the energy and utilities industry are critical to society and to the economy. Whether they are part of oil & gas production, refining and petrochemical facilities, electrical utilities, or renewable energy assets, their ongoing, safe operation is essential—yet their risk profile is highly complex. Everon solutions help you mitigate these risks while helping to maintain compliance with regulations, including Chemical Facilities Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS), Maritime Transportation Safety Act (MTSA), and Nuclear Regulatory Commission and NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) regulations.

Advanced Protection for Oil & Gas Facilities

An engineer wearing a safety vest and hardhat looks at a laptop computer with petrochemical plant in the background

Our full suite of integrated security, fire, and life safety solutions helps you manage risk and remain in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements while protecting physical infrastructure and personnel. With decades of experience serving the broader oil & gas industry, we have the scale and expertise to meet the needs of facilities including upstream, midstream, downstream, and more.

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Securing Continuous Electric Generation and Utility Operations

The thermal power generation industry, including natural gas, coal, and nuclear facilities, combines the need for high levels of uptime with significant inherent life safety risk. The utility infrastructure that underpins distribution and delivery is equally essential—with added vulnerability due to remote locations and unmanned facilities. Everon combines a broad range of solutions with national reach and significant experience in addressing this risk profile.

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Securing Renewable Energy Facilities

An engineer wearing a safety vest and hardhat inspects wind energy turbines in the field

Our highest priority is to develop solutions to meet your unique risk profile in the renewable energy space—whether at geographically dispersed wind power generation sites, large solar generation arrays, or even battery storage sites. Our strong national service footprint and deep knowledge of the characteristics of the renewable energy industry make Everon the right security, fire, and life safety partner for your operations.

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Energy Industry Solutions

Facilities and infrastructure in the oil & gas industry range from upstream exploration and production, through midstream pipelines and transportation, all the way to refining and petrochemical manufacturing. And in the utility sector, traditional thermal generating facilities are now joined by hydro, wind, and solar generating facilities. The latter are often remote, and increasingly minimally staffed or unmanned, and the same is true of power transmission, distribution, and storage facilities. Our solutions can be tuned and configured to meet the full range of security and safety challenges present in these facilities.

Assess Your Risk

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Security Solutions

The risks of unauthorized access, vandalism, and even attacks intended to disrupt operations are a constant in both manned and remote, unmanned energy facilities. Everon offers a broad range of services and solutions to help manage these risks.

Sustainable energy storage system installed near solar collection panels and wind turbines

Fire and Life Safety

High voltage, high temperatures, high pressure, and flammable substances are a potent combination, requiring a comprehensive approach for worker and facility protection.

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Monitoring Services

Our national monitoring infrastructure can ensure trained personnel are monitoring your facilities—no matter how remote—and are ready to dispatch emergency response, 24/7/365.

Energy and Utilities Insights

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Whether you need comprehensive solutions for newly built facilities, or need to upgrade or add on to existing security, fire, and life safety systems, experienced Everon consultants can partner with you to address your security and life safety needs.