Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems

A professionally designed, installed, and maintained fire sprinkler system can be an integral line of defense against the spreading of a catastrophic fire. Trust Everon™ to deliver a code-compliant sprinkler system your business can depend on.

Critical Components for Fire Prevention and Protection

Automatic fire sprinkler systems have been integrated into commercial buildings since the mid-nineteenth century. In accordance with NFPA 13 and NFPA 25 regulations, Everon provides a comprehensive sprinkler system to facilities that require one as part of their fire prevention and protection plan.

Supported Technologies and Solutions

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Types of Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems are designed to quickly deploy an appropriate amount of water to extinguish fires before they can grow and spread. There are several types of sprinkler systems to provide the right sort of protection for different settings and conditions.

Wet Pipe

The most common and reliable sprinkler system, wet systems are constantly filled with water and able to respond immediately to a fire.

Dry Pipe

Dry pipe sprinkler systems are used in environments where cold temperatures might cause water to freeze inside the pipe, damaging the system or preventing it from functioning.


As an alternative to dry pipes in cold-weather environments, filling the pipes with a premixed antifreeze solution prevents ice from forming inside the lines.


Pre-action systems are normally dry, but release water into the sprinkler pipes when certain conditions are met, preparing for the possibility that the sprinkler system will need to activate.


A deluge system requires activation by detection devices independent from the sprinkler heads. Once activated, water flows immediately through open sprinklers or nozzles.

Fire Pumps

Commercial fire sprinkler systems require a dependable water supply with a strong, steady pressure, ready for immediate use at any time during an emergency.

Controls on a commercial fire suppression system

Customized Fire Sprinklers for Any Environment

Commercial fire sprinkler systems help protect mid-size and larger facilities across a wide range of industries—from schools, hospitals, and museums to high-tech data centers, telecom hubs, factories, and chemical plants. Ask our sprinkler and fire safety professionals to recommend a solution that’s right for your facility.

Wet pipe fire sprinkler systems

Dry pipe fire sprinkler systems

Electric and diesel fire pumps and controllers

Pre-action sprinkler systems

Deluge sprinkler systems

Fire Sprinkler Inspection Requirements 

As with any system with moving parts, particularly one not in continuous use, a rigorous and structured inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM) program is critical to extending the life of the sprinkler system as well as ensuring that it functions properly in the event of a fire. Everon employs experienced NICET-certified inspectors and technicians who are qualified to accurately perform all of the NFPA 25 required ITM services and complete any deficiency-related repairs necessary to ensure your people and property are protected from fire.

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Safety engineers inspect fire sprinkler pipes outside a warehouse

Fire Pumps and Preventers

Ensure steady, reliable water pressure for your commercial sprinkler systems with Everon fire pumps and preventers, in compliance with NFPA 20 regulations. For businesses and facilities large enough to require an automatic sprinkler system, a reliable fire pump is a critical safety measure that you hope you’ll never need, but cannot do without.

  • Horizontal split case pumps
  • Vertical in-line pumps
  • Vertical turbine pumps
  • Compact fire systems
  • Electric pump controller

Assess Your Risk


Service Excellence

Professional installation by a qualified, experienced team is vitally important to the future safety of your business. Everon’s highly trained sprinkler technicians can install your sprinkler system and provide ongoing system support as required.


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Regular inspections by trained safety specialists can ensure that your fire and life safety systems remain in compliance, in peak operating condition, and capable of protecting your people and facilities in an emergency. We can provide necessary reports and documentation required for compliance with local regulations.


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Our nationwide network of local, trained Everon technicians can provide testing, inspections, and maintenance at your facility to help ensure your system is set up properly and running smoothly.


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Our UL Certified redundant supervising central monitoring stations can provide real-time live fire alarm and sprinkler monitoring services for advanced protection against fire and threats to your business, business continuity, and life safety.


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Multi-Layered Fire Detection and Suppression Systems

Fires can happen anytime, anywhere. Protect your business with a comprehensive code-compliant fire safety solution designed, installed, and maintained by the professionals at Everon.

Close-up view of an overhead fire sprinkler

Fire Suppression Systems

More than smoke detectors and fire alarms, a commercial fire suppression system actively protects your business by containing or extinguishing fires before they can cause injuries or property damage.

Close-up view of a fire detection and sprinkler system installed in a ceiling

Fire Alarms

Seconds can be critical in a fire or other life-threatening emergency, and an effective fire alarm system—either standalone or networked—must react quickly to the warning signs and immediately alert personnel throughout the building.

Multiple fire safety systems including an illuminated exit sign, fire alarm, pull station, fire extinguisher cabinet, and emergency exit

Fire Extinguishers

Appropriate portable fire extinguishers properly installed in prominent, easily accessible locations are often the first and best response to a sudden fire.

Connect with an Expert

Whether you need comprehensive solutions for newly built facilities, or need to upgrade or add on to existing security, fire, and life safety systems, experienced Everon consultants can partner with you to address your security and life safety needs.