Wall-mounted fire alarm pull stations, with text that reads "lift then pull handle" and "pull for fire"

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Rely on a code-compliant commercial fire alarm system to protect your people, facilities, and assets—professionally designed, installed, and maintained by Everon™.

Fire Alarm System Design, Monitoring, and Installation

An efficient and effective fire alarm system is a critical component of a commercial building, not only for compliance with codes and regulations, but also to protect the health and safety of your employees, your facilities, and your business. Trust the professionals at Everon to design, install, and maintain a commercial fire alarm system that satisfies every requirement.

Supported Technologies and Solutions

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Fire Alarm Solutions

Ensure your facilities are protected and in compliance with local, state, and national fire safety code requirements with our integrated fire alarm systems that use reliable, code-compliant communication to supervising central monitoring stations. A comprehensive fire alarm system comprises many essential functions and should integrate seamlessly into other building security and environmental systems. We work with architects, engineers, and contractors to ensure that your fire alarm systems work together to protect your business.

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Classic wall-mounted fire alarm pull station with raised text that reads "fire alarm" and "pull in case of fire"

Fire Alarms

Seconds can be critical in a fire or other life-threatening emergency, and an effective fire alarm system—either standalone or networked—must react quickly to the warning signs and immediately alert personnel throughout the building.

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Voice Evacuation Systems

Based on your building’s occupancy, a voice evacuation system may be required—one that can provide clear, spoken alerts and additional visual notifications to communicate essential information and instructions to building occupants.

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Integrated Systems

An integrated fire alarm system includes necessary components to detect fires and other hazards, alert building occupants, and trigger appropriate countermeasures and suppression systems.

Service Excellence

Our in-house fire alarm system design team designs fire, sprinkler, and life safety systems based on specific building characteristics as well as building and fire codes. This approach focuses on evaluating the performance of a building or system in the event of a fire, based on engineering analysis and risk assessment.

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Professional installation by a qualified, experienced team is vitally important to the future safety of your business. Our teams work closely with architects, engineers, general contractors, and electrical contractors to validate that every system is properly connected, code-compliant, and fully functional to meet your needs.

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Regular system tests and visual inspections by trained safety specialists help ensure that your fire and life safety systems remain in peak operating condition, capable of protecting your people and facilities in an emergency. We also provide necessary reports and documentation required for compliance with local regulations.

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Whenever a routine inspection reveals a potential concern, a key component becomes compromised, or a system is due for scheduled maintenance, our expert technicians are able to identify system deficiencies and schedule service to repair any issues with your system.

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Turnkey Safety and Security Solutions

Get the comprehensive fire detection, suppression, notification, and communication solutions your business requires from a single experienced provider.

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Fire Safety Services

Our comprehensive fire service offerings include everything from installation to advanced monitoring services, testing, inspection, repair, and maintenance from specially trained, NICET-certified, and factory-certified team members.

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Fire Alarm Advanced Detection

Through active air-sampling smoke detection (ASD), Everon can help detect the earliest signs of fire in the incipient stage. Early warning detection and prevention is critical to identifying potential risks to occupants, key stakeholders, and first responders who may be threatened by carbon monoxide, smoke, heat, and environmental gases.

Close-up view of an overhead fire sprinkler

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Automatic fire sprinkler systems are an essential component of a complete fire protection solution in commercial buildings and other facilities.

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Whether you need comprehensive solutions for newly built facilities, or need to upgrade or add on to existing security, fire, and life safety systems, experienced Everon consultants can partner with you to address your security and life safety needs.