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Security and Safety Solutions for Data Centers

Data centers require constant vigilance to protect against the risks of fire, theft, and unauthorized access. Everon™ provides a comprehensive range of security, fire, and life safety solutions for data centers in any location across the United States and at any scale.

Data to Utilize. Vulnerabilities to Manage.

Data centers, whether operated for a single company, as colocation facilities with multiple clients, or built to power cloud hyperscalers, are essential to business operations and the ongoing function of the world’s digital backbone. Everon offers security, fire, and life safety solutions designed to protect data centers, the data they store, process, and serve, and the people who keep it all running, 24/7/365.


Our comprehensive suite of security, fire, and life safety solutions, delivered on a national scale, make us well-suited to the particular demands of data center security and safety.

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Security Solutions

Everon offers an industry-leading range of commercial security solutions for data centers, designed to limit access to authorized persons and to monitor and prevent any unauthorized access attempts.

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Fire and Life Safety

Data centers consume significant energy for equipment operations and cooling. Everon solutions help protect assets and workers from the risks of fire, hazardous material release, and other threats—with systems designed to meet even variable needs across facilities.

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Monitoring Services

Around-the-clock protection through on-site infrastructure and a national network of UL Certified monitoring centers.

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Whether you need comprehensive solutions for newly built facilities, or need to upgrade or add on to existing security, fire, and life safety systems, experienced Everon consultants can partner with you to address your security and life safety needs.