Close-up view of an overhead fire suppression system

Fire Suppression Systems

Water isn’t always the preferred method for controlling or suppressing a fire. Certain environments, materials, and circumstances require alternative solutions. The experts at Everon™ have the knowledge and experience to help provide the solution that is right for your business needs.

Providing the Correct Fire Suppression Solution

Electrical fires, chemical fires, and grease fires are just a few of the special situations and environments where a water-based system would be ineffective. In compliance with NFPA, insurance needs, and local or state jurisdiction, our fire safety professionals can evaluate your business, identify special hazards, and design appropriate suppression systems to protect your people and assets to comply with NFPA code requirements.

Supported Technologies and Solutions

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Potter logo Edwards logo Logo - Victaulic.png Logo - Marioff.png Logo - Fike.png Logo - Sevo.png Logo - Ansul.png Logo - Honeywell.png Viking logo Janus logo Kidde logo

Alternative Fire Suppression Systems

Data centers, laboratories, chemical plants, and other environments present special hazards that require alternate fire suppression systems. These are some of the special hazard suppression systems Everon can deliver for your unique facility needs.

  • Dry chemical extinguishing systems
  • Low- and high-expansion foam systems
  • Clean agents
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Inert gases
  • Water mist

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Fire suppression water lines outside industrial oil tanks

Robust Fire Suppression Solutions

Commercial fire suppression systems help protect mid-size and larger facilities across a wide range of industries. Ask our suppression and fire safety professionals to recommend a solution that’s right for your location based on your hazards.

Low/high-pressure CO2

Water mist systems

Intergen systems

Novec 1230


Service Excellence

Professional installation by a qualified, experienced team is vitally important to the future safety of your business. Everon’s highly trained technicians can install your suppression system and provide ongoing system support as required.


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Regular inspections by trained safety specialists can ensure that your fire and life safety systems remain in compliance, in peak operating condition, and capable of protecting your people and facilities in an emergency. We can provide necessary reports and documentation required for compliance with local regulations.


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Our nationwide network of local, trained Everon technicians can provide testing, inspections, and maintenance at your facility to help ensure your system is set up properly and running smoothly.


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Our UL Certified redundant supervising central monitoring stations can provide real-time live fire alarm and sprinkler monitoring services for advanced protection against fire and threats to your business, business continuity, and life safety.


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Multi-layered Fire Alarm and Suppression Systems

Fires can happen anytime, anywhere. Protect your business with a comprehensive, code-compliant fire safety solution designed, installed, inspected, and maintained by the professionals at Everon.

A safety engineer inspects dry chemical fire extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

Appropriate portable fire extinguishers properly installed in prominent, easily accessible locations are often the first and best response to a sudden fire.


Fire Alarms

Seconds can be critical in a fire or other life-threatening emergency, and an effective fire alarm system—either standalone or networked—must react quickly to the warning signs and immediately alert personnel throughout the building.

Close-up view of a fire detection and sprinkler system installed in a ceiling

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Automatic fire sprinkler systems are an essential component of a complete fire protection solution in commercial buildings and other facilities.

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Whether you need comprehensive solutions for newly built facilities, or need to upgrade or add on to existing security, fire, and life safety systems, experienced Everon consultants can partner with you to address your security and life safety needs.