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Transportation and Logistics Security and Safety Solutions

Everon provides comprehensive security and fire safety solutions, including intrusion detection and remote monitoring, to meet the needs of transportation and logistics carriers, warehouses, and providers.

Protect the Integrity of Your Shipping Operations

Transportation and logistics providers confront security challenges involving a wide range of liabilities—such as workplace accidents and violence, cargo theft, environmental threats, and more—making supply chain security one of your top priorities. You need a comprehensive security provider with tech-forward solutions to meet and exceed compliance regulations, confirm cargo security, document incidents, and ensure safety throughout your supply chain and logistical operations.

Ensure the Safety of Your Passengers, Routes, and Employees

Your business transports passengers, cargo, and employees across the country every day, and the safety of your people, property, and assets is your top priority. From managing high-traffic airports to high-demand supplies, our teams have the technical expertise and competency to build a solutions ecosystem around all your security, fire, and life safety needs, supported by a nationwide footprint to protect your business every step of the way.

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Regulatory Compliance from Warehouse to Carrier

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Logo - CTPAT.png Logo - TAPA.png Logo - TSA.png Logo - IATA.png

Commercial Security and Safety Solutions

Our comprehensive suite of commercial security, fire, and life safety solutions can ensure that we can address the unique concerns of transportation and logistics companies at any scale, from single locations to nationwide enterprises. 

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Security Solutions

We offer an industry-leading range of surveillance and security solutions for transportation and logistics operations.

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Fire and Life Safety

Our fire and life safety solutions can help protect transportation facilities and personnel from fires and other hazards.

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Monitoring Services

Get around-the-clock remote protection for your offices, warehouses, and shipping yards from our national network of UL Certified monitoring centers.

Transportation Security Insights

Fire and Life Safety Brochure

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Whether you need comprehensive solutions for newly built facilities, or need to upgrade or add on to existing security, fire, and life safety systems, experienced Everon consultants can partner with you to address your security and life safety needs.