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Education Security and Life Safety Solutions

Everon™ understands the complex risk environment of K-12 schools and higher education facilities and campuses, and offers the expertise of a dedicated team and a full range of security, fire, and life safety solutions.

Complex Environments. Extraordinary Responsibility.

Whether in a K-12 or higher education context, schools and campuses offer significant openness and access, wide-ranging facility usage, and large populations of students, faculty, and staff. These characteristics are essential to the success of your educational mission, but they also create risk, including inherent vulnerabilities to intrusion and disruption. Additionally, educational facilities are subject to strict fire and life safety requirements and regulatory oversight. 


The education team at Everon combines long-standing experience in risk management for educational institutions with up-to-the-minute perspectives on new and evolving threats—and a constant commitment to providing a safe, healthy environment for learning.

Solutions for K-12 Education

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Everon provides security, fire, and life safety solutions for public and private K-12 schools, as well as preschools, daycare centers, and other related institutions and facilities.

A Layered Approach

Everon designs K-12 security programs using a concentric approach that defines different “layers” of a campus or facility and then designates the specific security, fire, and life safety solutions that are appropriate to the risks and vulnerabilities encountered in each layer. For instance, perimeter fencing and video surveillance are part of the exterior outermost layer, while classroom access control, panic alarms, and fire alarm and fire suppression systems are all likely to be specified at a more interior layer of protection.

A Broad Portfolio

Identifying the security and life safety solutions that fit your K-12 environment will draw on Everon’s extensive experience in the industry, as well as the breadth of our comprehensive solutions portfolio. And the solutions we recommend work together to create strategic redundancy, backed by 24/7/365 monitoring and communication systems that can help ensure timely notification and response should an emergency or security event occur.

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Solutions for Higher Education

Everon approaches higher education institutions, such as public and private colleges, universities, community colleges, and technical schools, with an enterprise-level approach that’s well suited to campuses of all sizes and complexities, including those with regional, statewide, and even national footprints.

Bringing Versatility to Complexity

A college or university campus comprises a wide variety of spaces and facility types, including classrooms, dining halls, residential facilities, athletic facilities, and more—all woven together with exterior grounds, transportation infrastructure, gas and power delivery, and other components. The Everon education team works closely with our Systems Integration teams to evaluate your needs and design a holistic, versatile, and integrated system.

A Nimble Approach

Everon can design your system from the ground up, or we can work with you to adapt and upgrade your existing safety infrastructure to address new threats, align to evolving regulations, or add new capabilities. In every case, you’ll gain the benefit of our technical expertise and the broad compatibility of our solutions portfolio.

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Whether you need comprehensive solutions for newly built facilities, or need to upgrade or add on to existing security, fire, and life safety systems, experienced Everon consultants can partner with you to address your security and life safety needs.