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Healthcare Safety Solutions

We can provide integrated security, fire, patient safety, and life safety solutions to create a safe environment in your hospitals, surgical centers, medical offices, senior living spaces, and long-term care facilities.

Scalable Healthcare Protection

Our integrated life safety, security, and communications solutions are scalable to fit the needs of a community hospital or a regional health system, an outpatient surgical center or a national network of outpatient medical facilities. Additionally, we provide our optimized suite of solutions to long-term care facilities including skilled nursing, senior, and independent living, continuing care retirement communities, dispensaries, and medical office buildings.

Supported Technologies and Solutions

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Understanding Risks in Healthcare Facilities 

Some of your risks may include fire and life safety issues and protecting sensitive medical records, high-value clinical equipment, and pharmaceutical and medical supply inventories. And your governmental regulatory compliance concerns can be wide-ranging, from Joint Commission Accreditation, IAHSS, and State Board of Pharmacy guidelines to regulations for OSHA, HIPAA, NFPA and HITECH Act, and DEA licensing. We won’t give you pre-packaged solutions. We are here to give you actionable advice, technical expertise, innovative thinking, and consistent performance you can scale.

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Healthcare Safety Systems and Services

Everon™ provides a suite of solutions to help healthcare facilities deliver an added level of security, peace of mind, and elevated care to their patients. 

Nurse call systems give patients access to responsive and attentive quality care. Wireless mobile communications, smartphone technology, and real-time locating systems (RTLS) integrate to provide situational awareness with effective mobility, optimized workflow, and real-time worker safety. Likewise, emergency call systems provide senior and independent living residents with 24/7 connectivity to responders and staff using wristband wearables, real-time locating, and automated daily check-ins. 

Helping to ensure the safety of memory care, dementia, and Alzheimer’s residents by preventing wandering and elopement while allowing for freedom of movement within a secure environment is essential. Wander management can integrate our emergency call and nurse call systems, or it can operate as a standalone system. Discrete wristbands or pendants worn by residents are detected at secured doors and provide alerts on loitering and potential elopement with automated door lock, elevator disable, and central station monitoring alerts. 

Infant protection solutions, newborn tracking, and mother/baby matching systems help protect babies and pediatric patients from the threat of abduction and provide real-time visibility and location monitoring. Integration with access control, video surveillance, and nurse call communication systems provide a comprehensive security solution for the most vulnerable patients in hospitals. 

Visitor management support allows you to identify and log every person that enters your building. To protect you from sophisticated methods used to penetrate traditional security efforts, we enable you to run a quick background check against federal and state crime databases before printing a temporary photo ID badge for your visitors. Meanwhile, a simple graphical user interface allows you to easily navigate the program, regardless of your level of technical expertise. 

Robust personal emergency response protocols are crucial to address unforeseen individual crises that healthcare professionals may encounter during their duties. Whether facing a sudden medical issue, an accident, or a personal emergency, healthcare workers need prompt and coordinated assistance. Everon can help implement the essential components of this approach, including personal emergency response systems, with clear communication channels, well-defined emergency protocols, and up-to-date emergency contacts, and more.

Proper worker safety measures, including infection control protocols, the provision of personal protective equipment (PPE), ergonomic considerations, and workplace violence prevention strategies, are essential to safeguard the healthcare workforce. Everon experts can help enhance the safety and security of your staff so they can keep your operations running smoothly and care for patients with peace of mind. 

Helping Prepare for Accreditation 

Our dedicated team of security and fire professionals has decades of experience interpreting the Joint Commission accreditation program standards and criteria. We can help you navigate the extensive requirements for testing, inspections, maintenance, and documentation of your security, fire, and life safety systems. All required compliance documentation and reporting is cataloged in a binder format that’s customized to your organization, easily accessed electronically, and integrated with BuildingReports™.

Patient Communication Systems

Everon provides a suite of solutions to help healthcare facilities deliver an added layer of security, peace of mind, and elevated care to its patients. Whether it’s a quicker response by healthcare providers to a patient’s request, keeping at-risk individuals from leaving the premises unattended, or delivering an extra level of care and protection to infants and their parents, Everon can customize a solution that fits your facilities' needs. Our solutions can be integrated with other security systems, such as intrusion and access control systems, and they are monitored by the professional team at our central station monitoring centers. We have dedicated commercial and National Account monitoring centers—redundant and UL Listed.

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Acute Care Facilities

Everon can help enhance security at hospitals an other acute care facilities through physical security, emergency preparedness, patient identification measures, information security for sensitive data, and protection of medical equipment. 

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Senior Living and Long-Term Care

Everon can help implement reliable access control, prevention of wandering or elopement through monitoring systems, secure medication management, emergency communication systems, and effective visitor management policies. 

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VA Medical Facilities

We strive to help VA medical facilities provide the most compassionate care possible for our nation’s veterans and to create a welcoming and safe caregiving environment. It is our mission to help protect your patients, visitors, doctors, nurses, and caregiving staff across day-to-day operations and to establish a comprehensive security program to respond to threats that all healthcare institutions face today.  

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Whether you need comprehensive solutions for newly built facilities, or need to upgrade or add on to existing security, fire, and life safety systems, experienced Everon consultants can partner with you to address your security and life safety needs.