A security officer monitors surveillance camera footage on large display screens in a security control room

Commercial Video Monitoring Service 

Leverage your existing video technology and enhance your security program with advanced video monitoring services from Everon™.

Video Surveillance System Monitoring

Our supplemental video monitoring solutions help detect unauthorized activity in and around your facilities while providing peace of mind for your employees and customers. Our video monitoring specialists are available to provide assistance through remote video and advanced analytics tools when needed.

Advanced Video Monitoring Solutions

With Everon, you can make the most of your camera investment by leveraging the technology for enhanced insight into your building operations. Capture crucial surveillance footage, verify on-site activity, gain insight into business operations, and perform facility tours—all using your cameras remotely.

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Video Alarm Verification
  • Video Alarm Verification
  • Advanced Video Analytics
  • Video Tours
  • Video Escort
  • Help Assist Response
  • Video Health Checks
Workers in a call center use headsets and laptop computers

Our monitoring center specialists can verify on-site activity in real time through your camera feeds, helping to reduce false alarms and provide better intel and situational awareness to first responders.

A security technician monitors dozens of surveillance cameras from a multi-display workstation

Capture crucial surveillance footage using comprehensive and complex video filters that enhance people-detection capabilities and reduce false alarms.

A security officer monitors surveillance camera footage on large display screens in a security control room

We perform remote video guard tours at the times and intervals you select, helping to detect suspicious activity or unusual conditions without increasing your on-site physical guard costs.

A call center worker wearing a headset smiles at her monitor while assisting a customer

Video escort services provide an added layer of protection and peace of mind to employees during opening and closing procedures or when entering and exiting your building.

Workers in a call center talk to customers on headsets

We respond to incidents triggered by a two-way communication device partnered with interactive remote video to provide your employees with immediate access to professional security assistance.

A professional works at his desk, using a laptop computer connected to an external monitor and keyboard

Ensure your system is running as expected with analytics-based detection of video obstructions, camera positioning, and degraded picture quality.

Enhance Your Comprehensive Security Program

Video surveillance and system monitoring can help improve security and reduce risks for your business with real-time visibility and an objective record of past events.

Video Surveillance Solutions

Whether you need a simple system to keep eyes on a single location or an enterprise-level, IP-based solution with hundreds of cameras, we have the technical expertise and resources to serve your specific video needs, and we can provide a scalable system that can expand as your business needs demand.

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Monitoring Solutions

Depend on our nationwide network of redundant monitoring centers to respond to active alarms while mitigating risks to your facilities and organization.

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Elevate Your Awareness

Make professional video monitoring part of your total video surveillance and security solution for a more holistic approach to managing your business operations.

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Commercial Security Solutions

Our security experts can help guard against intrusions and other security risks with proven, reliable, integrated intrusion detection, access control, and video surveillance systems that are customizable to your business needs.

An IT specialist works on a laptop computer, with data center servers in the background

Everon Managed Solutions

Our sophisticated managed service programs deliver automated system health reporting, remote troubleshooting, and timely customer support to help manage your safety and security programs—24 /7/365.

A technician installs a security camera on the exterior wall of a building

Installation, Service, and Maintenance

Ensure that your critical security, fire, and life safety systems are professionally installed, inspected, and maintained by trained and licensed experts.

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Whether you need comprehensive solutions for newly built facilities, or need to upgrade or add on to existing security, fire, and life safety systems, experienced Everon consultants can partner with you to address your security and life safety needs.