Security camera suspended from the ceiling inside a supermarket

Commercial Video Surveillance

Deploy a robust video surveillance solution to deter unauthorized activity, collect evidence, and enhance business intelligence. 

Enterprise Video Surveillance Solutions

The benefits of video surveillance systems for your business are limitless. Not only do video camera systems provide deterrence of unwanted behaviors and documentation during an incident, but real-time video can also help provide invaluable insights into your facility. Additionally, our advanced video solutions can also be integrated with other technologies, including intrusion detection systems and access control systems, to deliver a holistic approach to securing your business and letting you focus on critical business operations. 

Enhance Security with Digital Video 

Everon™ digital video solutions offer standard and advanced high-definition IP video security cameras, NVRs, and enterprise-level servers to record and manage video operations. With remote web management and viewing, you can access real-time and recorded video to help make decisions about security anytime, from virtually anywhere.

HD Quality
Greater detail means greater visibility. With Everon, you’ll get HD quality video for both indoor and outdoor applications, with smart mode functionality for analyzing video from your security cameras with enhanced detail.

User-Friendly Playback
Tap into user-friendly web and mobile app interfaces with live view and video playback capabilities from multiple security camera feeds. You’ll also have event alerts and notifications to keep you informed.

A security officer monitors surveillance camera footage on large display screens in a security control room

Video Monitoring Solutions

Benefit from custom solutions that help automatically detect unauthorized activity on-site while providing peace of mind for employees. Our video monitoring specialists are on hand to provide assistance through remote video and advanced analytics tools when needed.

False Alarm Reduction

Video alarm verification provides video documentation of alarm events in progress to help reduce false alarms and the associated fees. Video analytics using AI technology can also sense the difference between a true threat and a natural occurrence.

Employee Safety

Provide a safe and secure environment for your employees and customers with video look-in capability and two-way audio. Video escorts also offer additional protection for employees entering or leaving your facility after hours.

Guard Tours

Leveraging video surveillance camera technology, Everon monitoring center specialists can conduct video guard tours and provide remote scans of your premises when there are no guards on duty, providing a cost-effective way to keep eyes on your business after hours.

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Managed Video Security for Business

Our experienced professionals monitor and manage over 100,000 devices and end points in our Network Operations Center, providing remote monitoring, management, and support. You’ll have a team of professionals working with your data around the clock, and you’ll be notified if something unexpected happens. Here are a few things Everon can help you manage:

Video Device Health

VR management provides health monitoring of your on-premise recorders and cameras along with IP subnet management. Monitoring includes system health, camera down, HD health check, and anti-malware. Recorder OS patching and VMS application patching are performed during pre-approved patch management schedules.

Cloud Device Health

Health monitoring of your cloud-based and hybrid cloud cameras and video equipment includes detection of unresponsive devices, camera down, hard drive failures and faults, and incidents of systems malfunctioning.

Advanced Video Analytics

Remotely identify camera views with blur, tilt, glare, distortion, low-light, or blocked views. Additional features include verified recording retention time and time-zone accuracy, as well as password expiration and complexity policies.

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A professional works at his desk, using a laptop computer connected to an external monitor and keyboard

Video Storage Solutions

The data your system delivers can be crucial during an investigation, or when you need to investigate business operations.

Our on-site storage solutions allow you to record, store, and view video on-site or from your mobile device. This storage system helps you to monitor your business from virtually anywhere. And you can use it to manage key operational processes, such as customer interactions, employee productivity, and entries and exits to sensitive areas. You’ll receive event-triggered alerts with video clips to increase awareness of site activity. This system can seamlessly expand your video solutions as your business needs grow and change.

Our cloud-based video surveillance solution allows you to record, store, and access video from multiple locations in a secure online environment without the need to manage servers and software. You won’t need to make a large upfront investment—just pay for what you need.


Use a system like this to view secure real-time or recorded video of key operational processes. Choose what video to store locally and determine what should be stored in the cloud. Set role-based permission levels to control who can view and/or download video.

Integrate Multiple Capabilities into Your Enterprise Security Solution

Everon video surveillance can be part of a solution comprising multiple enterprise-grade security technologies.

Exterior view of a revolving door at the entrance to a modern office building

Commercial Intrusion Security Solutions

Implement a comprehensive security solution for your business by integrating with intrusion detection technologies to reduce theft, vandalism, and other unwanted activity on-site.

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Specialized Commercial Security Solutions

Everon deploys security solutions designed to meet the risk profiles of specific commercial contexts, including banking, retail, and more.

Workers use their ID cards to pass through a security gate in the lobby of their office building

Commercial Access Control Systems

Managing control of all facility entry points can help mitigate risk, protect your assets, and enhance the overall security of your organization.

Connect with an Expert

Whether you need comprehensive solutions for newly built facilities, or need to upgrade or add on to existing security, fire, and life safety systems, experienced Everon consultants can partner with you to address your security and life safety needs.