Performance-Based Design Services

Performance-based designs available through Everon™ can allow for alternative solutions that not only meet prescriptive building codes, but also offer benefits for facilities with uncommon construction features that could impair traditional systems.

What Is Performance-Based Design?

Performance-based design is the application of science and engineering to design fire and life safety systems based on specific characteristics of a building or outdoor space, rather than simply designing to meet prescriptive building and fire codes. This approach focuses on evaluating the performance of a building or system in the event of a fire or other emergency based on engineering analysis and risk assessment. 

Performance-based engineering analysis and risk assessment can help building operators answer: 

  • Can everyone exit the building safely?
  • Is the structure sound and safe to re-enter after a fire?
  • Can you use different designs to meet the same fire safety goal?
  • Can all building and property occupants understand mass notification system alerts clearly?
  • How might the system perform to notify the occupants with an intelligible notification system? 

Codes and Standards

Our NFPA- and NICET-certified experts can help navigate the complexities and ever-changing regulations of building fire codes and standards—ensuring you’re compliant with local regulations.

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The Performance-Based Advantage

Performance-based fire design offers several advantages, including the potential for more cost-effective and efficient fire and life safety solutions tailored to the specific needs of a project. It also requires a higher level of expertise and analysis compared to traditional prescriptive approaches, however, making it essential to involve qualified fire safety engineers and experts in the process. Additionally, regulatory authorities must be satisfied that the proposed design meets the required safety standards before granting approval.

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How Performance-Based Design Works

Trust the expertise of Everon’s fire safety engineers to help make sure your building is not only compliant with safety regulations but also highly efficient in the event of a fire or other emergency. Our National Fire & Life Safety Team (NFLST) consists of subject matter experts who work together and combine their experience and expertise in different life safety sub-fields to recommend a comprehensive design solution. 

First, our fire and life safety experts can assess a building’s or property’s unique characteristics, like its size, layout, materials, and occupancy. Then, they have the ability to use computer simulations and fire modeling to predict how a fire might spread and how people would escape. Based on these predictions, safety measures are tailored to the building, such as the location of fire exits, fire-resistant materials, and sprinkler systems. Regular testing and evaluation ensure that the safety measures actually work as intended. This approach can allow for smarter and more effective fire safety solutions, making buildings and spaces safer for the people who use them. Performance-based design can provide a customized plan to keep everyone safe in a specific building, rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach.

Performance-based fire safety design takes into account the unique characteristics of each building and the types of activities that happen inside. Tailoring safety measures to these specific features helps ensure that the building space is as safe as possible in case of a fire. For example, in a high-rise office building, customization might involve placing fire exits strategically, using fire-resistant materials, and creating advanced smoke control systems to keep stairwells clear. In contrast, a warehouse with flammable materials might require a different set of safety measures, like automatic fire suppression systems and efficient evacuation routes.

Performance-based safety design can be used to help protect buildings with unique fire or life safety needs where an off-the-shelf system would fall short. For example, in the case of a museum with valuable art collections, our experts can customize fire safety measures like temperature and humidity control systems, advanced fire detection, and suppression systems. In large outdoor or indoor spaces, performance-based design can strategically plan for efficient mass notification solutions, ensuring that the communication system can reach all occupants of the space and provide clear direction. In large shopping malls, this approach allows for the optimization of evacuation plans, smoke control, and fire-resistant materials to ensure the safety of shoppers and employees. Experts can also use performance-based design to integrate fire safety measures that are environmentally friendly, such as water-saving sprinkler systems and energy-efficient fire alarms. 

Fire Protection Services, Support, and Expertise

Your relationship with certified Everon fire protection specialists doesn’t end after they’ve finished helping you install fire and life safety systems. They can be there to support your business with inspections, testing, and maintenance that help you adhere to local, state, and federal codes—and any other help you need. 

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Construction and Retrofit Projects

When working on new-build construction or renovation projects, it pays to work with proven industry experts who can design and deliver integrated security, fire, sprinkler, and life safety systems—on time, on budget, and compliant with all local codes.

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Commercial Building Fire Codes

With Everon’s fire protection experts, you won’t have to worry about managing all of the NFPA codes and standards. We can help you discern and adhere to the relevant codes and standards for your facilities.

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Fire System Testing and Inspection

Testing helps ensure your systems work properly and are in compliance with NFPA, local, state, and national codes to help ensure minor issues and deficiencies are identified and corrected before they cause major disruptions.

Connect with an Expert

Whether you need comprehensive solutions for newly built facilities, or need to upgrade or add on to existing security, fire, and life safety systems, experienced Everon consultants can partner with you to address your security and life safety needs.