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Air Sampling Smoke Detection

Through active air-sampling smoke detection (ASD), Everon™ can help detect the earliest signs of fire in the incipient stage, typically before smoke is visible.

High-Sensitivity Air Sampling

Air-sampling smoke detection (ASD) systems are designed to detect the earliest signs of fire in the incipient stage, allowing early intervention for investigation and action, potentially before smoke and corrosive gases affect equipment and personnel. Traditional fixed-type detectors passively detect smoke or heat in their immediate vicinity once a fire has already ignited. Air-sampling smoke detectors, on the other hand, actively draw room air through a piping network into a detection chamber, where they can detect the presence of particles that indicate a possible fire even before smoke is visible. Continuous, sensitive air-sampling systems can provide you with the earliest possible warning of an impending fire hazard.

Very Early Smoke Detection

Air-sampling smoke detection (ASD) systems can detect fires in the incipient stage, often before smoldering becomes visible, before an open fire occurs, and before intense smoke develops. This early detection is an essential element of risk mitigation in mission-critical and high-risk applications. Detecting development of fire at the earliest stage possible brings significant time benefits, enabling a fast response to the first signs of smoke and mitigating consequences. Air-sampling smoke detectors can detect fires significantly faster than spot-type or beam-type smoke detectors. Here’s how it works:

Continuous Sampling

ASD systems actively draw air samples continuously from the monitored area through a pipe network fitted with sampling holes at regular intervals. In fact, per codes and standards, every hole is the equivalent of installing a spot-type detector in terms of placement and spacing. The sampled air is then analyzed for particles of combustion, and an alarm is raised if smoke is present in sufficient quantity to trigger adjustable thresholds. The system is active, continually drawing air samples from the monitored spaces.

Earliest Warning

Cumulative performance is achieved through multiple sampling holes. Each sample hole draws in small samples of smoke as it spreads throughout the protected space. Cumulative smoke is therefore delivered to the detector as the sum of each of the sample holes. This enables ASD systems to provide the earliest indication of a developing fire while in the incipient stage.

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Dependable Detection Solutions

Learn about Everon’s fire detection solutions and talk to one of our fire and life safety experts to determine which systems are best suited to effectively and efficiently protect your business.

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Flame Detection

Everon can help you select ideal flame detection systems based on the hazard present and operational performance objectives. Flame-type fire detectors are often connected to automatic fire suppression systems to respond immediately in the presence of a flame.

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Linear Heat Detection

We can implement active linear heat detectors that provide cost-effective and comprehensive fire protection solutions across large areas or within harsh environments. Using long detector cables covered in heat-sensitive polymers that melt at critical thresholds, the system can detect dangerous temperatures and trigger an alarm based on changing conditions.

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Gas Detection

Toxic, corrosive, or combustible gas leaks can impact human health and lead to dangerous fires and explosions. Everon offers a comprehensive suite of gas detection solutions that actively and continuously monitor the environment to detect gas before it can lead to dangerous situations.

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Thermal Imaging

Everon can help you select suitable high-resolution thermal imaging technologies that help you detect temperature anomalies in regions of interest (ROI), potentially before failures occur.

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Environmental Monitoring

Everon’s environmental monitoring solutions are focused on actively monitoring particulate level measurements in the surrounding air. By actively detecting the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or other gases within enclosed areas, you gain actionable insights to make your workplaces safer and healthier.


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Protection for Battery Energy Storage Systems

Everon’s advanced detection technologies and performance-based solutions for Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESSs) work together to establish layers of safety and fire prevention. The best protection is prevention before off-gassing even happens by identifying abuse factors that can lead to thermal runaway.

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