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Radiometric Thermal Imaging for Fire Prevention

We can help you implement high-resolution thermal imaging cameras that can detect temperature anomalies before they cause costly interruptions to your operations and can prevent dangerous fire disasters before they occur.

Optimize Performance with Continuous Thermal Temperature Monitoring

If your business depends on moving or operating around highly flammable materials, thermal imaging can be an essential layer of protection against a fire disaster—and it can also help you pinpoint areas of unanticipated heat that could damage your machinery or interrupt crucial operations. Everon™ can implement high-resolution thermal imaging devices that help detect temperature anomalies in a region of interest (ROI) before the issue leads to failures—therefore reducing costly production interruptions and stopping consequences of fire in advance.

Radiometric Thermal Imaging Solutions

Your facilities may already be protected by traditional fire and smoke detectors connected to fire alarms. These detection systems are crucial to the safety of your people and your assets, but in many cases are designed to alert you only after a fire has already begun. In other words, they don’t allow you to prevent damage—only contain it. Radiometric thermal technology provides advanced warning when there are temperature changes to the environment outside expected ranges.

Thermal cameras that employ temperature measurement capabilities detect potential fire ignition sources reliably and early by continuously measuring electromagnetic radiation, including the spectrum of visible light, translating the temperature of a surface by interpreting the intensity of an infrared signal within the camera’s field of view. Thermal cameras enable organizations to deploy preventative solutions through predictive analysis of contactless temperature monitoring, pinpointing areas of abnormal temperature with the aim of mitigating fire hazards before they unfold.

We can help set up robust thermal imaging systems encased by protective housings and purpose-built for harsh environments. Our thermal imaging solutions work across an array of industries including those that involve highly flammable materials, dangerous chemicals, and explosive gas-air mixtures. 

With traditional spot-type fire detectors and alarms, the amount of time between detection and action can be too large to prevent damage or even save lives. Radiometric thermal imaging devices can be integrated with automated building and process control systems, including notification through fire alarm systems as supervisory signals for response to elevated temperature levels in real time—so you can rest assured you’re proactively protecting your facility.

Reliable Detection Systems

Everon’s fire and life safety experts can work with you to determine which of our advanced detection solutions is optimal for your business, and we can help design systems that adapt to your unique needs. 

Assess Your Risk

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Linear Heat Detection

We can implement active linear heat detectors that provide cost-effective and comprehensive fire protection solutions across large areas or within harsh environments. Using long detector cables covered in heat-sensitive polymers that melt at critical thresholds, the system can detect dangerous temperatures and trigger an alarm based on changing conditions.

Flames erupting from a leaking natural gas pipe

Flame Detection

Everon can help you select ideal flame detection systems based on the hazard present and operational performance objectives. Flame-type fire detectors are often connected to automatic fire suppression systems to respond immediately in the presence of a flame.

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Air Sampling Smoke Detection

Through active air-sampling smoke detection (ASD), Everon can help detect the earliest signs of fire in the incipient stage. Continuous, sensitive air sampling systems can provide you with the earliest possible warning of an impending fire hazard.

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Whether you need comprehensive solutions for newly built facilities, or need to upgrade or add on to existing security, fire, and life safety systems, experienced Everon consultants can partner with you to address your security and life safety needs.