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Energy Storage Fire Protection Solutions

Everon’s advanced detection technologies and performance-based solutions for Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESSs) work together to establish layers of safety and fire prevention—beyond the prescriptive code minimum requirements.

Addressing the Risks of Battery Energy Storage Systems

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESSs) play a critical role in the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy by helping meet the growing demand for reliable yet decentralized power on a grid-scale. But these systems need to be carefully managed to prevent significant damage and danger due to fire. 

If your Energy Storage System contains lithium-ion batteries, you are facing distinct safety concerns that could lead to a serious fire hazard unless you address the risk proactively with holistic, advanced fire detection and prevention methods.

Once a lithium-ion battery overheats in a BESS and the process of “thermal runaway” occurs, it can be nearly impossible to extinguish, potentially causing catastrophic damage and risking the lives of first responders called to put out the fire. 

Awareness of the abuse factors listed below can help operators prevent thermal runaway at its earliest stage.

Electrical Abuse

This occurs when a battery exceeds voltage limits during charge or discharge and overheats. The simultaneous operation of these batteries poses the risk that any one of the battery cells could exceed voltage limits during charge or discharge and could cause overheating that triggers a potential fire event.

Thermal Abuse 

This is initiated when the operational temperature exceeds the limits of the battery. If caused by overcharging, the extra current triggers a chemical reaction that breaks down the battery’s organic liquid electrolytes and changes them from a liquid to a highly flammable gaseous state.

Mechanical Abuse 

This can be caused by physical or mechanical damage to the battery, such as a crush, indentation, or puncture from vibration or shock.

When an abuse factor occurs or continues undetected and unaddressed, more of the liquid electrolyte from the battery will convert to gas, causing an internal buildup of pressure sufficient to vent or rupture the battery seals and resulting in an off-gassing event. Eventually, as more gas is generated, internal pressure and heat continue to increase, rupturing, melting the separator, and releasing smoke. By this point, thermal runaway or fire is imminent and can no longer be stopped. The failure of a single cell can quickly overheat and spread rapidly to surrounding cells, leading to thermal propagation. The earliest possible detection of battery failure is vitally important to mitigate or prevent thermal runaway from starting and to maintain integrity and safety.

Comprehensive Energy and Utilities Security and Fire Solutions

Everon provides comprehensive intrusion, access control, video surveillance, fire, sprinkler, and life safety solutions to protect traditional and renewable energy facilities—whether large locations or remote sites. Our energy experts understand the intricacies and requirements of this industry and are here to provide the best solution to protect your employees, facilities, and critical infrastructure.

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Layered Protection for Energy Storage Systems

When it comes to protecting battery energy storage facilities, multiple layers of defense can be the difference between detecting a problem before it occurs and finding out about a problem when it’s already too late.


Performance-Based System Design

Performance-based designs available through Everon allow for alternative solutions that not only meet prescriptive building codes but also offer benefits for facilities with uncommon construction features that could impair traditional systems.

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Advanced Detection

Through active air-sampling smoke detection (ASD), Everon can help detect the earliest signs of fire in the incipient stage. Early warning detection and prevention are critical to identifying potential risks to occupants, key stakeholders, and first responders who may be threatened by carbon monoxide, smoke, heat, and environmental gases.

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Flame Detection

Everon can help you set up flame detection systems that use ultraviolet, infrared, combined, or multi-spectrum sensors to detect radiation produced by a flame prior to increased smoke or heat. The system can be connected to automatic fire suppression systems that immediately respond in the presence of flame.

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Whether you need comprehensive solutions for newly built facilities, or need to upgrade or add on to existing security, fire, and life safety systems, experienced Everon consultants can partner with you to address your security and life safety needs.